Tuesday 18 September 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom | A card for my mom

I've got a great mom. This is a card I put together for her a year ago. I decided to give her a year to enjoy it all to herself before I shared it online.  Maybe you'll see this year's card a year from now ;)

A card for my mom | Sketch | Detail

The cartoony likeness is from memory and wasn't hard to do.  My mother has made appearances in a lot of my commercial work and storyboards over the years.  The line work is drawn in pencil and the colour was added digitally with textures I'd painted in acrylic. The background is a paint by number I made of photo from an old family vacation.  I had my sister do the first pass but she was much too careful so I jumped back in to mess it up a little. Thanks for your help Claire!

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Julia Minamata said...

Adorable, breezy and fun! Lovely card, your mom is very lucky :).