Friday 18 October 2013

Once more into the breech...

Kill Shakespeare Board Game | IDW

I was pleased to find out a couple of weeks ago that the cover art I created for Kill Shakespeare #11 will soon be given a new life as the cover art to the upcoming board game!
To see a little more of the thought and process behind the image check out my earlier post linked here, Kill Shakespeare Cover Art.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Nelvana of the Northern Lights

Nelvana | Personal Work

Created by artist Adrian Dingle in 1941, Canada's own Nelvana of the Northern Lights was among the very first female superheroes, even predating Wonder Woman. I made this piece to celebrate the launch of a local campaign to reprint the original comics which have been out of circulation for more than 60 years. Prints of this peice as well as contributions from many other artists will be available as incentives to backers. To learn more about Nelvana and to support the campaign please visit the Kickstarter page linked here

What appeals to me the most about the mysterious goddess of the North is her mystical quality and fashion sense, that she rides atop her shapeshifting brother Tanero is pretty cool too.  Flying through the sky as a great dane or later, a polar bear.

Originally intended as an 11"x17" ink drawing, part way through I started experimenting with washes and cut paper.  When things started to get a little messy I moved on to the computer to pull it all together digitally. 
Nelvana | Prints