Tuesday 13 November 2012

Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See | A Holiday Card (unfolded, front and back showing)

Another Christmas card! 

Each folded card measures about 4.5x6.25"(31cm x 11cm unfolded)
5 cards for $20+shipping. Red, pink or blue envelopes are included.
To purchase this card email me at, ap@alexanderperkins.com Subject: Do You See What I See?
The broken white line does not appear on the printed cards.  Just here as a guide to show where the card is folded. 

Do you See What I See | Holiday Card | Detail (front and back) 

Do you See What I See | without copy

Sketches | Process

Some of the sketches and trials that went into this illustration.  At the bottom right corner you can see the sketch of an elf that didn't make the cut along with a few different outfits for St. Nick. 

1 comment:

Stiego said...

Absolutely incredible, I love all the characters, so unique and the donkey made me smile. I'm definitely ordering a bunch of these. Can't wait to send them :D