Wednesday 23 January 2013

Cineplex: Escape From This World

Escape From This World (Round 1, colour storyboard art) | Spy Films | Cineplex
About a year ago I was engaged to produce a series of colour frames to support a concept being developed by Director Arev Manoukian and Producer Markus Trulli at Spy Films. Their idea was to create a parallel between the evolution of flight and the technological advances in film and cinema over the last century. A spot which would ultimately serve as the new Cineplex opening and play before every movie nation-wide.

Escape From This World | Storyboard Art Round 2 (Fragments, abbreviated)

We expanded on the initial boards with dozens of black and white drawings, exploring camera moves and designing a multitude of sequences. Keeping in mind that the choreography of the evolving aircrafts would happen alongside advancements in the audio and visual presentation we also looked for opportunities that would best showcase the use of 3D technology.

Escape From This World (2D video) | Spy Films | Dashing | Cineplex

Arev's vision was crystal clear from the beginning, and how faithfully the amazingly talented visual effects team at Dashing Collective brought the storyboard to life is a testament to that. I can't forget to mention that the final 40 second film is entirely CGI.  Congratulations to all involved! And special thanks to Arev and Marcus for bringing me on board for preproduction.

For a more in-depth look behind the scenes at the making of this short film visit  If you keep your eyes peeled you may even catch a glimpse of yours truly wearing a toque and dark glasses;)

To see more work by Director Arev Manoukian check out his reel at Spy Films.

The good folks at Dashing have also put together a write up about this project discussing some of it's more technical aspects. You can find that at


Julia Minamata said...

Hehe! I saw this yesterday in the cinema. Great work! Even saw the little featurette. Grats Alex, this is some terrific stuff!

giovanny said...

nice info, thanks.