Monday 4 March 2013

My Grandfather

Donald Douglas McKay | Personal Piece | graphite on heavy paper

I did this drawing of my grandfather from a tiny 3.25"x1.5" photograph that was taken in 1942 while he served in the Royal Canadian Navy. I had to ring him up a few times while working on this to ask about details I couldn't make out, and he was a big help.  Because the picture was so small and not without blemishes, this photo-reproduction proved to be more challenging than the last.  If we come across any more good photographs I'd love to take another crack at it.
Donald Douglas McKay |  Reference used

He's the handsome fella in the middle;) 


Julia Minamata said...

Gorgeous, Alex. I can see you in him :).

James Tuer said...

Bloody brilliant! You're a wizard with that pencil.

Don Van Horn said...

Wow! Bloody brilliant is right. Oh to have your talent.