Thursday 8 March 2012

Kill Shakespeare

Kill Shakespeare #11 (cover art) | IDW

A moody self-directed piece based on the continuity of the comic book series Kill Shakespeare.  Dozens of elements were created separately in pen and ink and assembled digitally.

Kill Shakespeare #11 (cover art) | IDW | Printed Comic Book

A year ago a contest was brought to my attention by my friends at Paradise Comics.  The challenge was to create a cover for the eleventh issue of the popular comic book series Kill Shakespeare. Entries were submitted by participating comic shops across North America and the finalists were posted online for fan voting to help decide which image would be on the cover.  Congratulations to all contenders and thanks to everyone who showed support for my entry.  I won!

Kill Shakespeare #11 was released on May 25, 2011 with two covers. One by the supremely talented series cover artist, Kagan McLeod, and the other by me! 


For this cover I've been nominated for a JSA!

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