Monday 12 March 2012

Kick-Ass Annie

My Kick-Ass Annie | Commission for Anne Koyama of Koyama Press

I was thrilled when Annie asked me to contribute to her growing collection of amazing commissions, and did my best to create an interpretation of her icon/logo that would stand out in good company.  Be sure to check out the other fantastic "Kick-Ass Annie's" she's collected over the years as well as a ton of great books, comics and more at Koyama Press!

Kick-Ass Annie | Sketch and Detail

Like the cover to Kill Shakespeare this piece was originally conceived as a sketch and then worked over in photoshop incorporating hand drawn and painted elements.


Spoontraveler said...

Love it, everything from the color pallet to the composition! is that on a single peace of paper or did you put it all together digitally? why is her right hand red while her left is white? good call on the gradation of her stockings :)

Alex said...

Thanks very much! At the outset I'd intended to make this a traditional painting but got all caught up in the digital world once I scanned in my pencil sketch. The image is comprised of many individual painted elements arranged digitally. Her right hand and sleeve are pink in an attempt to create depth and separation from her overlapping left hand(white).