Monday 19 March 2012

Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm (final cover art) | Dream Pod 9

For this cover I was part of a large group of contributing artists.  Before I was brought onboard the image was arranged and composed using hand drawn elements along with digitally rendered forms and some digitally painted figures.  As the final artist in the assembly line (before graphics were laid on), I was responsible for eliminating any line work, working with the light sources and building textures to give the piece a sense of unity.  To make it look like everything in the image is part of the same world.

Perfect Storm (cover art) | Before and After 

Thanks to my brother Greg for bringing me aboard another cover for Heavy Gear.  To see more steps in the very involved process of creating this cover click here.

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Spoontraveler said...

Not a real fan of GEAR but Im sure glad you stepped in. Those bots where so contrasty my eyes where starting to hurt! You did a great job of making them part of the whole peace plus all that mist and dust in the air really gives it a more believable feel to it. Wish you could have added some "pings" or explosions from the apposing side. Bwt, whats up with the blue lightening, it bring nothing to the table except make it look tacky :S