Thursday 29 March 2012

Up a Tree

Lion | Personal Work

This proud beast is painted in acrylic on illustration board and measures ~8" x 10".  It is available as a signed giclee print limited to one-hundred units and costs $60+shipping.  It also makes a swell  4.5"x 6" card!

Lion | Sketches | Detail | Wallpaper(1920x1080) 
There are a few more lion sketches leading up to the painting that I'll post as I scan them. 
Also, check out other products featuring this illustration now available at Society6


Anonymous said...

So beautiful, my friend.

Spoontraveler said...

Good lord, the amount of detail you put in your work is sickening....but in a good way dude :) How much time did you put into this? should we be expecting a tarzan soon? looks like its leading to it... or how about your version of that Superman/tarzan that came out a few years back, except this time it will look gooood

Alex said...

Not sure how long it took as there were a few false starts, but it is only 8x10" so probably not as long as you might think. Rest assured Tarzan is definitely on his way;) I've been secretly working on ERB imagery for a little over a year and should have a lot to post once those projects are completed. Stay tuned!

Julia Minamata said...

I love seeing the process work, Alex! I'd love to see some Mars-inspired work, a la John Carter :D

Alex said...

Julia- It's coming, I promise!

James Tuer said...

Beautiful post buddy!