Tuesday 20 March 2012

Happy Splashing

Zebra | Personal Work

The zebra is a beast that had been on my hit list for a long time.  This guy's been painted in acrylic on illustration board.  The painted area is only 5.1/8" in diameter (just a tiny bit bigger than it is displayed here).  The initial sketch I went with was even smaller.  I have it available as a 4.5"x6" greeting card and a small print, and will look into making buttons and coasters and other round things with it too.  I like the cheerfulness of the image, to me this zebra looks happy and refreshed.  I thought the water turned out pretty cool too.

Zebra | Painting on Board | Pencil Sketch

Something else I like about this little guy is that he reminds me of my parent's dog Mac. One of the happiest creatures on four legs, and my little brother.


Spoontraveler said...

Your insane, I can literally si hi lights and shadows from every muscle on that Zebra! The snout look a little bit big to me, like he could bight me whole head off! good call on the layering effect for the water, did u add the water reflection/gradation on the Zebra afterwords?

Alex said...

All acrylic! and yeah, his proportions are a little cartoony :P kinda what I liked about the sketch.